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Team Building Events

Water based challenges make for exceptional corporate team building events.  The very environment conveys an unspoken understanding that the sea is a place for the team rather than the individual.
In today's fast paced working environment, it is essential that your team are working together in the most efficient way possible.  Teams who know each other feel more inclined to support each other, to help each other out and pull together to excel.

No Limits

A sailing day is a fantastic, fun, memorable day out that your team will enjoy. They will learn something new and be challenged to step out of their comfort zone.  
Boats are great levellers. It is thinking rather than strength that counts. The teams need to plan, assess individual capabilities, delegate, communicate and then evolve a clear robust process.
Tailored Days
To Maximise your time away from the office we will tailor make each day to you and your clients needs